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Skyco Leasing successfully held a roadshow to promote the public issue of corporate bonds to professional investors in 2022
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  • 2022.08.31
On the afternoon of August 31, Skyco Leasing successfully held a roadshow to promote the public issuance of corporate bonds to professional investors in 2022, attracted a total including China Development Bank, The Export-import Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, ICBC, Bank of China, such as nearly 30 domestic and foreign well-known financial institutions to participate. Tang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Hengjian Holding, led the members of the leadership and heads of relevant departments to attend the event and delivered a speech. Zhou Xiaoyang, chairman of Skyco Leasing and relevant heads of the company had a friendly and in-depth exchange with investors.

Zhou Xiaoyang extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the financial institutions attending the event. He pointed out that under the strong leadership of Hengjian Holding, Skyco Leasing has continued to improve its business development, and its domestic credit rating has been rated AA+ as a trustworthy subject and AA+ as a corporate bond, which has laid a foundation for the issuance of corporate bonds. He said the bond issue is Skyco Leasing's first appearance on the capital stage. For the company, this is a major breakthrough in the development of far-reaching significance. Skyco Leasing will take this bond issue as an opportunity to strengthen the main aircraft leasing business, and promote the diversified development of the aviation industry cluster, striving to become a leader in the development of the aviation industry. First, focus on the main business to expand and strengthen the scale of aircraft leasing. Second, comprehensively strengthen cooperation with the provincial public security department and the emergency department, focusing on building a new business model for official helicopters. Third, cooperate with central and local state-owned enterprises to expand new businesses such as aircraft dismantling and trade in aviation materials. Fourth, make full use of various financial instruments such as corporate bonds and medium-term notes to help the company expand its business development space.

Tang Jun extended warm congratulations on the success of the roadshow. He pointed out that Skyco Leasing's issuance of corporate bonds is a major event in the layout of Hengjian Holding's aviation sector, and also an important milestone in the new development phase of Skyco Leasing. He said Hengjian Holding will continue to deepen its investment layout in the aviation sector to further enhance Skyco Leasing's ability to lead the high-quality development of the aviation industry. First, speed up the establishment of Guangdong Aviation Industry Fund with a scale of 30 billion yuan, promote Skyco Leasing to deeply participate in the construction of Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, build an aviation industry innovation platform and develop pilot demonstration zones, and lead the concentrated development of the aviation industry in our province. Second, Hengjian Holding will continue to strengthen its enabling efforts, build a dual platform of "investment+ technology", further expand Skyco Leasing's business chain, explore and build an aircraft lifecycle management industry chain, and achieve diversified business and high-quality development. Third, give full play to the professional advantages of Hengjian Holding, support Skyco Leasing to expand investment and financing channels, improve the level of investment and financing, and enhance vitality of development.

As an important measure of Skyco Leasing's debut in the capital market, the successful holding of this roadshow has enhanced investors' understanding of the company, strengthened the capital market's confidence in the company's investment, and will help the company continue to optimize its financing structure, innovate business models and diversify its business, so as to better play its leading role in serving Guangdong's strategy and enabling industrial upgrading.

Overview of Skyco Leasing 's Public Issue of Corporate Bonds for Professional Investors in 2022

On August 15, 2022, with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC License 〔2022〕 No. 1770), Skyco Leasing was approved to issue corporate bonds with a face value of up to RMB 800 million to professional investors in China.
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