The Company's Business
The Company's Business
Ideal partner for aircraft leasing
Full life cycle asset management
Through a mature and professional aircraft asset value assessment system, Skyco purchases second-hand aircraft that are age-appropriate, and develops end-stage asset disposal solutions based on our strong customer resource network of airlines, lessors, OEMs and MROs at home and abroad. Then complete the recycling of decommissioned aircraft through aircraft decommissioning and global aircraft material sales, and maximize the asset value of aircraft life. Since Skyco Leasing launched the project in 2021, it has established a sound aviation materials quality management system and aviation materials distribution system, fully advancing into this aviation segment and achieving new business growth. At present, Skyco Leasing is actively promoting cooperation with local state-owned assets to set up an aircraft dismantling company, gather local superior resources, jointly carry out aviation materials trading business, and promote industrial development. In the future, Skyco Leasing will build an international aviation materials trading  
Management and re-leasing of used aircraft, dismantling of aircraft, sales of aviation materials
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